Why We Put Our Napkins In Our Laps

Back when I was a kid, my parents made sure to keep me attentive to my manners. I fought them on one of their teachings. I didn’t see the sense in putting my napkin in my lap.

It seemed to me that if the napkin was on the table, it would be easier to see. I’m a visual kind of guy, so I still believe that, but… Read the rest of this entry »

The Office Singer

Friends, I come to you today with a problem. I’m sure that as you read on you will realize the seriousness of this matter and my need for as many viable solutions as possible. 

There Is A Singer In My Office

It hasn't gotten this bad. Yet.


Yes, there is someone who sings in my office. Out loud. He sings. 

You know, in a way, I don’t mind when he sings to himself at his desk. I can put some music on and drown him out when he is there. Also, when he is singing I don’t have to listen to him trying to talk someone into agreeing with his political views. 

The problem is that he is starting to put on performances away from his desk. Read the rest of this entry »