Fast Food & Fake Fingernails

Say hi to pseudomonas (image via CDC/wikimedia)

I don’t always eat fast food. But when I do, it won’t be served by anyone with those long fake fingernails. I think they are unsanitary and have no place around anything I am going to consume.

I’m taking a stand, and hope you will too.

Just Yesterday Morning

I was out-of-town yesterday morning. I got up, left my hotel and stopped at a fast food restaurant to grab something to eat on the way home. At the counter, I ordered while looking up at the menu. As I told the woman taking my order what I wanted, she entered it into her register. I heard the tell-tale tap tap tap of what I knew were ridiculously long fingernails on the plastic surface of the register. The sound made my stomach lurch. Those things creep me out.

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Old men driving, flooding drink cups and coming home from vacation

Just finished a six hour ride from the beach. There is no good sentence with “from the beach” in it except “I am calling you from the beach”.

Just like when I think and drive, except not driving and naked.

Just like when I think and drive, except not driving and naked.

Long drives allow me to focus on the really important phenomena of life. I think about them a lot, but I never resolve them. So, to put my mind at ease and to put on public display my shallow level of thought,  I am going to point out a few of these things in the hope that some of your comments might resolve some of my unanswered questions. Read the rest of this entry »