Tonight, You’re Someone.

When I was new in the career that I am now an old man in, I worked for an old man who watched over me and my peers. He knew we knew a lot less than we thought we did and it was his job to fill in the holes in our knowledge.

Sometimes he told us what we needed to know in a meeting. There were times he’d see that my ego was ahead of my ability and he’d correct that pretty directly – it didn’t matter who was there to hear it.

And then there were times when he would do things and none of us knew what he was thinking.

Early One Morning

I’d been working for a few months and went on a call at a house I knew was used for gambling. An anonymous caller said that an elderly man was unconscious on the front porch. This was not an unusual occurrence at this location, they’d toss drunks out all the time. This time, it was unusual.

He was dead. Read the rest of this entry »

Wanda Can’t Leave.

Mug shot of Craig, 2007

Speaking of guys who have dates in airports…(Image via Wikipedia)

Remember that movie, The Terminal, where passport issues force  Tom Hanks to live in an airport terminal? Naturally he ends up dating Catherine Zeta-Jones, because lots of women like the kind of guy whose love life focuses on having  dates in airports.  Yeah, I didn’t see the movie either, but do you remember it?

I think I know where there is someone in a similar situation. No, this person is not dating Catherine Zeta-Jones. As best I can tell, the person I’m talking about lives in a local supermarket. Read the rest of this entry »