The Sad Tale Of G. Allen Barber IV

GOOFUS license plate

GOOFUS license plate (Photo credit: woody1778a)

A few nights ago, I decided to go have a beer while I watched a college basketball game on television. There was one spot that looked open at the crowded bar. When I got close, I realized someone’s coat was on the stool. The man on the next stool looked over and said, “sorry, I should have hung that up” He picked up the coat. “Have a seat” he said, as he walked over and to hang his garment up. I thanked him for the gesture.

A group of us sat, watching and discussing the game. The man who’d moved his coat had introduced himself as Al, but I couldn’t help but notice that the bartender kept calling him G. When Al headed off to the men’s room during a commercial, I asked the bartender why she called him G. “Oh no, I’m not getting him started. I’m working for tips.” Read the rest of this entry »