I Am The Coach

Not a candidate for a medal in Women’s Gymnastics (public domain via wikimedia)

Women’s Olympic Gymnastics. I don’t understand much about them.

I know that if you are eligible for a driver’s license, you’ve aged out of the sport. Although gravity is a big part of the sport, falling is frowned upon. Scoring is done using a subjective judging system. In all events, it is important to “stick the landing”. There will be no extra steps taken upon landing without points being deducted.

There’s one other thing that I know about women’s gymnastics, but I don’t understand it.

Eventually, This Guy Will Show Up

Most coaches provide guidance in a sport that they’ve had some personal competitive experience. My high school track coach was a life-long runner. I’ve never known a major league baseball manager who’d never been paid to swing a bat. Read the rest of this entry »