Interview with Each Uisage

Each Uisge, a supernatural water horse found i...

I'm glad he didn't pose in shallower water. No one wants to see that. (Image via Wikipedia)

The Interview Staff here at the Blurt office suite took most of the summer off. This was a little unusual given that they are almost all interns. Now that college is back in session, they’ve lined up my first interview in months. The paid staff has mentioned that they thought we were not getting the top of the heap interns from the universities. The fact that they’re working for me after the semester has started may explain the low average GPA in that group.

This month, The Interview Staff lined up an interview with another legendary creature, Each Uisge. Each Uisge is, according to Wikipedia, a supernatural water horse from Scotland that is “the most dangerous water-dwelling creature in the British Isles”. My staff was not able to locate the official ranking of dangerous water-dwelling creatures in the British Isles, but if that happens, I’m feeling good about the possibility of finding Each Uisge on the top. Read the rest of this entry »