The Jolie Pez Project: The Jolie In Boise, Idaho

The Jolie left Hoboken and headed west to Boise, Idaho where she was the guest of Jean Calomeni. Jean is an artist whose work you’ll find and enjoy at Snoring Dog Studio. You can also see Jean meshing her art and words on her Snoring Dog Studio Blog. Jean pulled some strings and arranged for a very special representative of Idaho to escort The Jolie around and show her the sights.

The Jolie’s Trip to Boise, Idaho                      July/August 2011

The Jolie flew into Boise in mid July. Well, she didn’t fly in the sense of wings and all that. After all, she’s an Action Figure, not a bird or a plane.

Her first stop was at my favorite coffee shop downtown, The Flying M. (Apparently, M’s can fly.) The Jolie’s tour guide for this visit was none other than Mr. Potato Head, veggie ambassador for the great state of Idaho. During this first brief conversation, Mr. P. outlined the itinerary for The Jolie’s stay.

Mr. P.: “First thing I want to say, Ms. The Jolie, is how thrilled I and the rest of Idahoans are to have you here! I swear, you could have boiled and parsleyed me when I found out you were coming to Idaho.”

The J: “Thank you, Mr. Potato Head. I’ve never been to Idaho. I’ve spent lots of time in other barren, desolate places, though. And, please, call me Jolie.” Read the rest of this entry »


An Onion In A Parking Lot

Early yesterday morning, I was driving when I got an important call. Knowing that this call was one that was going to require me to make a few notes to myself, I looked for a spot to pull over. I spotted a church parking lot just in time to make the turn and pulled in. It was early enough that the whole lot was deserted.

I looked around while I was on my call. There, a few spaces away, was an onion. Nothing else. Just an onion in a parking space. Read the rest of this entry »