A Head Of State Proves Me Right

Last week, I wrote a post that pointed out that if you are a fugitive seeking an Embassy to hide in, Ecuador’s flag is the one you want to see over the front door.

I’m not a fugitive, so I had not thought about this before. But when Julian Assange decided to hide out in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, I thought about why he’d choose that embassy. The obvious reason is that Incas are in the Embassy to protect him. Read the rest of this entry »

On Julian Assange’s Choice Of The Ecuadorian Embassy

Julian Assange, who may now be more famous for being a fugitive than he ever will be for founding Wikileaks, has chosen the Ecuadorian embassy in London as a refuge. The British authorities want to arrest him; the government of Ecuador won’t allow them in to do it.

English: Julian Assange, photo ("sunny co...

Assange (Photo credit: Wikipedia, public domain)

I’m ambivalent about Mr. Assange and Wikileaks. It is hard to keep evil from taking root if secrets are never exposed. But flinging secrets around willy nilly isn’t a good idea.

I am not ambivalent about Assange’s choice of embassies to hide in. Ecuador’s was a fantastic choice.

Do You Know Who Lives In Ecuador?

Ecuador is a fine place, populated by nice people. I’ve never met anyone from Ecuador that I didn’t like. Some of those nice Ecuadorian are Incas.

The Incas are why Ecuadorian embassies a great choice for desperadoes on the run. Why? Because Incas are bad asses. No one, not the Brits, not the Americans, not the Chinese, not even the Micronesians want to take on the Incas. Read the rest of this entry »