It’s Peyton On Sunday Morning

The approach of fall and the football season is cause for great joy in my house. There is a game on our television from Thursday night until the end of Monday Night Football.

There’s so much potential at the beginning of the season; so many unanswered questions. Will my Carolina Panthers make the Super Bowl and crap the bed again? Can Robert Griffin III bring my wife’s Cleveland Browns to the promised land? How badly will the Buckeyes beat the Terps?

Peyton. Retired, But Not Gone.

But everything about the return of football isn’t wonderful. Before the first preseason game, we are already seeing commercials featuring Peyton Manning. Yes, Peyton, the guy who beat the Panthers in the Super Bowl and turned their best player into a pouting child. I respect what the man can do on the football field, but after his last game, I think I’ve seen just about enough of Manning. Still, I’m not going to run away crying about it, that’s Cam Newton’s job. Read the rest of this entry »