Mentos Lessons: What To Do When You’re Late

There are universally recognized books of wisdom. People around the world consult the Bible, the Koran and other similar tomes. But there is one source of wisdom that transcends religion, culture and geography – Mentos commercials.

The latest in my Mentos Lessons series features a Mentos advertisement from India about a young man who wants nothing more than to learn algebra. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you The Cheeky Student.

Roll The Film Please, Larry

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Mentos Lessons: How To Escape A Perv

In my Mentos Lessons series, I’ve tried to show that the power, spunk and minty freshness one gets from popping a Mentos candy can be used for good or evil. In today’s lesson, The Freshmaker helps good triumph over evil creepiness.

Like an earlier edition, today’s commercial  cinematic event features a woman handling a wardrobe malfunction. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “Broken Shoe”.

Roll The Film Please, Larry

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Mentos Lessons: Absolute Power Corrupts

Most of the Mentos Ad Films that we’ve reviewed so far have positive messages – Be resourceful. Be positive. Don’t panic. Enjoy the little victories without gloating.

Today’s Mentos Film is darker. It will teach us about the capricious misuse of power. Ironically, the film carries the name of a happy celebration: The Wedding. Read the rest of this entry »

Mentos Lessons: The Dress

Gather ’round kids. The school of life is open and our teacher is, once again, Mentos.

We all try to get along with others, don’t we? I’ll admit that I have not been as successful with that as I’d like. Like many of you, I have people who I don’t mix well with. Maybe some of the folks you don’t get along with have become rivals.

An encounter between rivals is the basis for the short film that is up for discussion today.

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Mentos Lessons: The Car Movers

A number of different Mentos flavors

A number of different Mentos flavors (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We can all agree that when something needs to be made fresh, Mentos should be involved. Of course, if we can’t all agree, I can always use the power of those mints to convince any foolish naysayers.

I am a fan of the old Mentos commercials, the ones that showed how resourceful people who ate that candy could be. Mentos consumers were not only minty fresh, but capable of creatively resolving any situation while winning their tormentor’s admiration.

This is the first of a series of occasional posts I’ll be writing to discuss the lessons of, and the complete spectacularness of the old Mentos ads. Today’s lesson will be on the classic ad, The Car Movers.

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