Spring Is Here. It Could Be Worse. I Could Be A Bee.


If you've seen these commercials, is this bee supposed to be French or Spanish? His accent changes. I hate him. (Image by spike55151 via Flickr)

If I were a bee, you and I would get along just fine.

I’m not prone to getting overly excited about things. Under the circumstance of being a bee, I’d probably make an additional effort to be cool-headed about whatever went on around me. After all, I’d have enough peers who were ready to fly off the handle at any provocation. There are plenty of bees zipping around out there with a chip on their shoulder.

No one really wins when someone carries around that kind of bad attitude. Interests clash, someone ends up stung. The other party flies off, without a stinger, to spend their last few moments regretting having lost their temper.

I’d be the kind of bee you’d like to have around, unless you’re of the mindset that I’m responsible for flying around and pollinating plants so you’ll have stuff to eat. Read the rest of this entry »

Karma, My Cubs Cap, Daytime TV and the Flu. Thoughts of a NyQuil addled mind

I went on vacation and took the day after I got back to town off from work. That was probably a good idea on my part, not because I got my laundry done, but because that’s the day the flu hit me.

Since this happened after I got back from vacation, I am going to go with the idea that my Karma is very good at this point. I was apparently destined to suffer through this bout of the flu, but life was lined up such that I could enjoy my vacation, then get sick after I get home. You can’t ask for more than that, can you?

I try to learn as much as I can from whatever I go through in life. Here is what I learned from this bout with the flu, which was largely spent staring at the television while wrapped in a blanket on my couch. Read the rest of this entry »

How to write a movie for Lifetime TV.

Recently I had an email exchange with one of my regular readers*. In it, she mentioned being ill, so ill that she accidentally watched a significant portion of a Lifetime Television movie. I’m glad that she’s feeling better because watching a Lifetime Movie is a symptom of a pretty high level of illness.

Ever take this and have those "why am I staring at this" moments?

I am not part of Lifetime’s targeted audience. I have a Y chromosome. I have however, been ill. During those illnesses, fueled by cold medication or pain killers for a kidney stone, I have found myself watching bizarre things on TV. I’ve watched dopey game shows, talk shows, and even Lifetime movies.

Using my medication fueled memories of seeing movies on the Lifetime network, I am providing you all an opportunity to put a little extra money in the bank by following my template for writing movies for Lifetime. Read the rest of this entry »