A Better Way To Board Airliners

Whenever I travel, I can’t help but notice the different ways that airlines load passengers on their planes.

That first sentence isn’t really true. Whenever I travel by plane, I can’t help but notice the different ways that airlines load passengers on their planes.When I drive to my destination, I’m indifferent to anything the airlines do.

Back then, airlines weren’t good at boarding passengers. Some things never change. (image by Bill Larkin CCbySA2.0)

But the ways airlines have us board flights are nearly universally consistent in two respects – they’re inefficient and dull.

It seems to me that lining people up in the order in which they’ll be sitting, from the back of the plane to the front, and then sending that line on to the aircraft would get passengers aboard in the fastest way possible. Any flyer who boards a flight out-of-order, thus gumming up the process for those behind them, would be subject to verbal abuse by flight attendants and fellow travelers. Read the rest of this entry »

Everyone Fits Somewhere. We All Fit At The Deli.

It was a busy day. I spent the morning running writing and running errands. Hitting everything on my to do list felt great. I’d finished the list, except for the thing on it that I’d been looking forward to – lunch.

As I drove, I considered my options. Pizza was a possibility. Some really spicy Thai food would’ve hit the spot. I hadn’t had Chinese food for days. There was a great burger joint close by. And then I decided to try something completely different.

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

To be fair, the food was good, but maybe not this good. (image public domain)

Not far from our house, there is a little local deli that I’ve never been in. The place is in an older, interesting looking building that I’ve wanted to get a look at. It always looks busy at lunch. I took that as a good sign and gave the joint a shot. Read the rest of this entry »

My Soap Opera

I’ve never been a soap opera fan. There might be a reason for that.

Perhaps I don’t like them because my nap time fell during my mother’s favorite shows when I was a kid. Even toddler me found it a strange coincidence that my biological for a nap started just before Days Of Our Lives started and ended when the credits rolled on The Doctors. Or it could be that I am no more the target audience for soaps now than when I was a tot.

God, I hated nap time (image public domain)

Every Girl Crazy ‘Bout A Sharp Dressed Man

When I go to the gym in the afternoon, I can count on a few things being on the array of televisions in front of the elliptical machines – a cop show, the Kardashians, news, ESPN, and a soap opera. I always exercise in front of the television showing the sports channel but, from the corner of my eye, I can’t help seeing what’s going on in the soaps.

In the past few weeks, out of the soap opera corner of my eye, I’ve seen: Read the rest of this entry »

Color Guards. Respectful Or Dangerous?

Color Guards reflect the pride that citizens of a country take in their nations and flags. The precision and dignity that a Guard brings to the arrival of a flag can be inspirational to the those who the flag represents.

English: United States Federal Protective Serv...

Protecting. (Public Domain)

As I’ve mentioned, I work a little overtime in a sports arena. I see plenty of color guards there. Those groups are polished, precise and very particular about how they complete their duties. They concern me.

I’m inside the arena an hour before the doors open to the public. Usually I will grab a chair and watch the final preparations for the game. Players warm up, the dance team runs through their routine, someone practices the anthem. The Color Guard walks through the flag presentation.

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Only God Can Judge Me.

Gavel & Stryker

No, I’m pretty certain I can judge you, kid. (Photo credit: KeithBurtis)

The other night, I saw a man with a tattoo that said “only God can judge me”. I wondered how that related to me.

It could be that he does not fully appreciate my ability to judge others, including him. I examine people and decide how I feel about them. That judgment is not always correct. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that I was wrong. A few times, disappointed.

The fact is, I am able to judge him.People judge each other. Making judgments about people is a survival skill. Do I trust this person? Should I be around them, or get away? Valid judgments we (and he) make all the time.

It is this judge’s opinion that this tattooed young gentleman judged (or, more correctly, misjudged) me and my ability to judge him. So, in my judgment, he is a hypocrite for judging me.

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Pause Like Moonlight

As the players warmed up, a ball skipped off the rim and made a break for the edge of the basketball court. It rolled toward freedom with an NBA player in pursuit. The ball found a gap in the court-side seats and dropped to the arena floor. The player paused at the edge of the court. He paused like Moonlight.

Moonlight Graham (public domain – wikimedia)

Moonlight Graham. Most people remember him as a character in the film, Field Of Dreams. But Archibald Graham was a real man, whose life was very similar to the movie’s portrayal.

Graham’s ambition was to play baseball. He made the major leagues, entered one game as a late inning substitute. Moonlight was the next at bat when the last out of the game was played. He never appeared in another major league game, never got to bat. He left baseball, got a medical degree from the University Of Maryland and became a small town doctor. Read the rest of this entry »

At The Mall With Oma

Conventional wisdom says that you should avoid the mall on Black Friday. That’s probably true. Since this was the first time in recent memory that I wasn’t working the day after Thanksgiving, I thought I would see what conventional wisdom was so concerned with.

Things were not as scary as I’d been led to believe. There were more people and fewer open parking spots, but those weren’t big problems. I didn’t see anything that struck me as a wonderful bargain. I left the mall empty-handed. All was not lost though. The movie that is real life provided many interesting scenes to watch.

Don’t You Want Something To Drink With That?

Example of a Hickory Farms product assortment

When you care enough to say “I don’t especially care. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Come the day after Thanksgiving, Hickory Farms has an outlet in every mall in the US. By the end of January, they’re gone. Where is Hickory Farms the rest of the year? No one knows; no one cares.

Why doesn’t anyone care? Because you don’t buy a gift at Hickory Farms for someone you value. A gift from Hickory Farms says “I felt obligated to get you a gift, but I didn’t care to put effort into it.” Read the rest of this entry »

Breaking The Fourth Wall

Chatting isn’t really my strong suit. I’m more of a people watcher. I watch and fill in the blanks.

Comedy and tragedy masks

The same play has been running for 51 years. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, I’m not exactly a hermit. It’d be more accurate to say that I start slowly with most folks. I can hold my own once I connect, but until I do, I watch.

Being a quiet observer is entertaining. There are so many people in my world who I don’t know. I see them; I form impressions based on what I see and who they’re with. Since I don’t interact with them all that much, I decide what they’re up to as our paths intersect and divide.

In a way, going through life as I do is like moving through a play. I’ve watched this production for fifty-one years. My play has no real plot, but I give it exceptional reviews.  I’m not sure about the director’s artistic vision because I have no sense of where the play is going. Each act is different and barely related to the last.

Some of the actors appear almost daily. Others take a cameo role and are never seen again.

A few days ago, a plot twist came up in my play. I never saw it coming. You see, I don’t get involved in the play. I just watch it as my world goes by me. A few days ago, the play got involved with me. Read the rest of this entry »