When I Am Rich: My Own Blues Man

No, seriously. Stop. (image via Sturmovik at en.wikipedia)

After reading the plans I’ve posted now and again to spend the ridiculous amounts of money this blog is about to generate for me, many of you think that my life will be non stop fun. It will just be endless days of riding around in a hot dog shaped car or traveling in my blimp to see friends. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I know that to be outrageously rich and spend outrageously, I will have to take steps to maintain my ability to be outrageous. If I don’t do something to keep money coming in to replace what is going out, what is there to separate me from MC Hammer? Well, I guess the first thing would be our taste in pants. But perhaps more important is that some of my ridiculously extravagant purchases will bring in money to support my extravagant lifestyle.

A great example of outrageous spending that will be something that keeps money coming in for me is this: I am going to have my own blues man.

My Personal Blues Man

I’ve got a couple of reasons I want my own blues man.  First, as you might expect, no one else has one. That ought to be enough of a reason, but it isn’t the only reason. Blues music is  highly under appreciated as an art form and as a cultural relic. Having my own blues man would preserve the art for future generations. I’ll pay him very well. He wouldn’t have to worry about much, just writing and singing the blues. Read the rest of this entry »

An Onion In A Parking Lot

Early yesterday morning, I was driving when I got an important call. Knowing that this call was one that was going to require me to make a few notes to myself, I looked for a spot to pull over. I spotted a church parking lot just in time to make the turn and pulled in. It was early enough that the whole lot was deserted.

I looked around while I was on my call. There, a few spaces away, was an onion. Nothing else. Just an onion in a parking space. Read the rest of this entry »