Art Criticism: A Penguin’s Cold, Cold Eye

Art does more than just make our hearts soar. Sometimes it helps promote a cause or a business. Centuries ago, even churches promoted themselves by funding the creation some of the great works of antiquity. The painting up for critique today falls into the category of promotional art.

The artist created this work on the outside of a very large outdoor freezer/ice vending machine. Canvas is for pansies. Snap dragons and daisies are good on canvas too. If you’re going to paint a penguin, the best place to do it is on an ice vending machine.

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Lawn Darts

Pointed weighty fun, or death with fins?

Pointed weighty fun, or death with fins?

Yesterday, while cutting the grass, I thought about lawn darts.I can’t account for why.  Maybe it was the heat getting to me.

I never had lawn darts, my parents were far too sensible to have bought them. I knew a couple kids who did have them, but even at a young age, I tended to think that perhaps they were not the best idea.

So, since I had them on my mind, I did some poking around on the net to learn a bit about them. Read the rest of this entry »