The Policies Of My Administration: Campaign Signs

I’ve realized that some people have, in the course of reading my policy discussions, developed the impression that I will be running for some sort of elected post. This is not true.

When I refer to my administration, I am discussing how I will be running things from a position that transcends politics. I would not sink to anything as base as behaving like a politician.

I considered giving myself the title Incognito Emperor Of The World, once I take over. After some thought, I realized that the advantages of people knowing that I am running the show are too great to ignore. I’ll be the most cognito guy who ever ruled the world. I’ll put some more thought into my title.

Enough about me. Let’s keep in mind that policy announcements aren’t about me, they are about me dealing with other people who must be dealt with – by me. In the case of this announcement, those people are politicians. Read the rest of this entry »

Trump Is Out!

Donald Trump at a press conference announcing ...

You lose, I say good day to you sir. (Image via Wikipedia)

Yesterday, my opponent made it official. He is no longer considering running for President Of The United States.

Let’s face it, for a campaign run by an unknown candidate with no budget and very little staff, things went very well for those of us involved in the Omawarisan campaign. Together, you and I drove a candidate with limitless resources and name recognition from the race for president. It only took one month and one day. I got in the race on April 15th, Trump got out on May 16th. Congratulations and thank you to all of you for this accomplishment.

As expected, he chose not to acknowledge the role of my campaign in his decision to step aside. In a move even more upsetting to me, he chose not to acknowledge the zeal and enthusiasm of my supporters. I think we’re all disappointed by that, but not surprised.

Because he chose not to mention my campaign, I am going to analyze his downfall and expose him for the failure he is.

What Went Right In The Omawarisan Campaign?

I think the thing that put us over the top in this election was the fact that I had a slogan and Donnie boy did not. My slogan…

Omawarisan 2012

He’s Not Nearly The Tool Don Is. Read the rest of this entry »

Donald Trump Vs. Me – Don Begins to Falter.

A few weeks ago, I declared myself a candidate for President of the United States against Donald Trump. Though I have no money to spend on my campaign and have gotten no television exposure, my opponent is feeling the effects of my candidacy. Let’s analyze what we see, shall we?

Trump – Inescapable

Since my announcement, Trump has been even more of a presence in the news.

Seal of the President of the United States

Image via Wikipedia

He held a press conference at which he announced that he is proud of himself. Who actually says  out loud “I am proud of myself”? Your mom says she is proud of you. Other people can be proud of you. Saying you’re proud of yourself is like giving yourself a nickname, it just isn’t done. Despite this moment of self congratulations, Trump’s approval started sliding.

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…this is a day for quiet remembrance, not chest thumping. Read the rest of this entry »

The Beginning Of The End Of The Donald Trump Campaign

I make it a point to avoid politics. I was taught at a young age that politicians are suspect characters on their best days. I’ve never met a politician on their best day.

Donald Trump

Goodbye! (Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr)

Despite my effort to remain apolitical, a recurring story in the US political news has caused me some concern. Apparently, Donald Trump is preparing to run for president. I have a hard time thinking of someone more despicable than Mr. Trump. After consulting some high level political minds, I realize that I must do something more than use my one vote.

That something starts today. I am announcing that I am running for president in direct opposition to Donald Trump.

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I Get Spammed By Mrs. Anti-Virus

Like most blogs, Blurt gets its share of attempts to clutter its comment section with spam. Today I looked in my spam folder and found this (with a link to some scam site) :   

Mrs. Anti-Virus: I bet you wish George Bush was President now.   

Not surprisingly, this spam was aimed at a post that had nothing to do with who the President is. The post was about the coming adventures of an Angelina Jolie action figure. Still, the name of the person who sent it took me back. I was actually tempted to respond to spam. Let me tell you why.   

My Friend Amy

Oxon Hill Junior High, home of 7th grade me


Back before I went to college, in the time that my son refers to as “when the whole world was in black and white”, I went to school with a girl named Amy Anti. She was a cheerful girl I met in seventh grade band class. I was a drummer, Amy played the flute. Neither of us were great musicians. In fact, I was bad enough for the both of us, but that isn’t really the point.   

As I said, Amy was a pretty upbeat person when I met her, especially for someone whose last name was a prefix. We became great friends, rarely missing lunch together and helping each other through all the high school relationship silliness. In retrospect, I probably should have asked her out, but I never did because, well, she was my buddy Amy. Read the rest of this entry »

Swine Flu shots are packed with microchips. Seriously.

If you see this, don't eat it.

There have been calls from the extremes of both political wings and from the paranoid conspiracy folks for people to choose not to take the H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine when it comes out.

Generally, I tend to be against such extremism. I find it divisive, unproductive and mean-spirited. In this case though, I am encouraging you to do whatever you can to keep the extreme fringe of our population on task in the opposition to the vaccination and hold them to any promises made not to take a shot. Read the rest of this entry »

Who cares, and what is a celebrity blogger?

As usual, while things are getting crazy in the world, it is hard to find out about the important things going on without being forced to endure the completely unimportant things going on.

I am a peaceful, tolerant man. I know nothing about this person except that this is a face even a Quaker could punch.

I am a peaceful, tolerant man. I know nothing about this person except that this is a face even a Quaker could punch.

My Yahoo front page could not wait to tell me about Perez Hilton, celebrity blogger, and his suit against the manager of the Black Eyed Peas. Apparently there was some face punching going on.

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