Blurt Blog Art Contest: Entries For Week One

The coveted Bieber Brush. I don't know why he looks so angry.

One week ago, I announced the Blurt Blog Art Contest. It was one of those ideas I had and thought “hey, why not?” It was my expert opinion that I’d get maybe three entries.

As usual, I was wrong. I was overwhelmed by the number of interested people. The entries started flowing in the next day. I appreciate all the interest.

If you are planning or working on an entry, please keep going. This is not a post wrapping up the contest. I’m just going to post groups of entries as they come in to my email box.

I linked each entry so you can click and see the artists work in its full size. I especially encourage you to click on Jane and Brooke’s entries. They were formatted for the longer, narrower space they are intended for at the top of the blog. I had to display them smaller than they intended in order to fit them into the narrower space in this part of the blog.

So here are the entries that have come in so far, in the order I received them. Behold the first group of competitors for the coveted Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush.

Hippie Cahier

The first entries of the contest came in from Hippie Cahier.

She built my long-term tag line “Some Words That Have To Come Out Of Me” and the Gigantor character into her entries.

Blurt is not a very high scoring Scrabble word.


The game gets more complex whenever The Singing Guy is on the board.


Ross writes the blog I Am The Cheese, which I highly recommend. I recommend it, even for the lactose intolerant.

Ross explains that his entry is also based around the “words that have to come out of me” concept and the idea that air rushes out of a balloon quite quickly.

Blurt, blocks and balloons

A slightly different angle

A little air and some pins to emphasize the point.


Cole is the son of Katybeth, writer of Odd Loves Company.

Cole went pen and ink on us to produce his entry of a gull blurting before a skyline.

I'm getting a strong Chicago/Sears Tower feel here. I love Chicago.


Jane has been a loyal reader for a long time. I appreciate everyone that stops by and reads what I do, but since this section is titled Jane I’m going to say thank you to Jane. Thank you, Jane.

Jane’s entry sheds some light on a lot of the key words and topics covered here at Blurt.

Wow, she even remembers the wrong number post!


Brooke writes (and photographs) the site Shutterboo. She has also recently opened her own photography business. If you are in need of photographic services you should move to Louisville, KY so she can help you out.

Brooke produced two very different entries for the contest.

A little bit of the robot concept

Oh yeah, if I ever get a tattoo it will have the Jack Handy line on it. The tattoo will not be on the side of my neck.

Thank you to all who’ve entered so far. Keep those ideas coming. If you’ve said you’re interested I will give you plenty of notice before I close off entries. It isn’t that time yet.