Five Routine Minutes: Sharing A Diet Coke With Omar

I haven’t run a Five Routine Minutes post in a while. For those who haven’t seen one before, this is the most poorly illustrated series on the net. Also, many times, what’s depicted doesn’t even add up to two minutes. But I like the idea as a goofy way to tell a story, so I’m resurrecting the series.

My wife has had to work a few recent weekends. That’s not typical and we’re taking it in stride. She’s done a lot of it at home. But this weekend she knew there was an event I wanted to attend.

Artist’s note: Despite what the drawing shows, my wife does not look like me. That would be creepy. Also, my goatee does not make my face look fat.


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Five Routine Minutes – Visiting The Body Shop

You might remember me telling you of a recent run in I had with an impatient jerk a deer.

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Five Routine Minutes: A Visit To Human Resources

A police officer that I supervise came to tell me that she and her husband were expecting their first child. I’m thrilled for them.

She was not sure how to start notifying our administrative staff and asked me to help. I was happy to do it. We went to Human Resources section and found the person that I knew would do the best job for her.

She announced her pregnancy to the Human Resources Specialist…and there was much rejoicing.

Because our job is very physical, those who are temporarily unable to do the job for medical reasons are assigned to “light duty”.

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Five Routine Minutes: The “In Bed” Fortune Cookie Game

One of my favorite things to do is lunch with my son. It is relaxing, and a great way for us to catch up on what is going on in life without the distractions of the rest of life. Last week, opportunity knocked and he picked a Chinese restaurant we both like. No, not that Chinese restaurant, it was this one.

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Five Routine Minutes: My AARP Card Arrives.

As I sorted through the mail the other day, I tossed an envelope that said “card enclosed” to the side and was about to shred it on the assumption that it was another credit card offer. On my way to the shredder, I realized that the envelope contained my AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) card. I am aware that I am aging, but it is quite another thing to have that fact confirmed by an organization whose business it is to know of such things.

(If they were alive, The Ramones would be in AARP now. Gabba Gabba, we accept you, one of us.)
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Five Routine Minutes: The Man With Another Man’s Face

When someone mentions another person to me, my mind conjures up a picture of that person. My little mind pictures are pretty accurate. Pretty much.

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