In Search Of Super Bird

A long time ago, there was the incident. The incident led to a response. That response was so swift and sure that it eliminated not only the toy that I used to cause the incident, but anything on the planet that referred to it.

I want that toy back. I want a Super Bird.

What Is A Super Bird?

Searching the net for Super Bird brings up many sites and photos about the 1970 Plymouth muscle car with the big wing on the back.

The Plymouth Superbird is famous for its giant...

Not what I’m after, yet highly acceptable.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is not the Super Bird that I am looking for. Of course, if you have one of these cars that you’re sick of, I’d make room for it in the driveway.

The object of my search is a toy, but not a toy car.

I had this toy when I was five or six years old. It was light plastic, hollow, and vaguely dove shaped. My Super Bird was white, with a blue felt cape and a painted on mask. Read the rest of this entry »