The Blurt Blog Art Contest

It is time for a major change to Blurt. It will still be the place to be if you feel the need to read some of the words that have to come out of me. I just need to change the look of the place you go to read those words.

I hired a decorator a few months ago who pushed me into a blog background template a little more garish than what I had. I just was not a fan of what I ended up with.

Keisuke Miyagi

The Feng Shui Master (Image via Wikipedia)

So I hired a master of blog feng shui. He began guiding me toward a more balanced look. He helped rid me of the loud color scheme I had, then he sent me out to wax his car.

When I came back inside, he pointed to the picture I had on my page header, the photo of me in a kayak. He asked “what does this have to do with anything?” I couldn’t answer. It had nothing to do with why I write or why you keep showing up here to read.

“The spirit of the blog must radiate from the top of the page”, he said, “radiant spirit illuminates the words of the blog.”

I wondered aloud about what the spirit of the blog was. Master Miyagi said that to find the spirit I should go to the people.

Takin’ It To The Streets

The feng shui master sort of left me hanging. I wondered what he meant about finding the spirit by going to the people. He refused to answer me.

Actually, he didn’t so much refuse as demand an additional $1200. I opted out of the contract at that point.

So now I come to you all for help. The feng shui master has left Blurt without a header picture. I want you to help fix that.

Art Contest! Art Contest!

I’m having an art contest. Perhaps you saw that coming. Read the rest of this entry »