The Interviews

Once a month, sometimes a little more often, I present an interview with a creature that doesn’t usually do interviews. Typically, my subject is one of those legendary creatures that somehow very few people see unless they have gotten a severe blow to the head or they believe in UFOs.

Here is a list of the interviews to date; the most recent is at the top. I’ll update it as my staff arranges more contacts with these creatures for me. If you’ve got a creature you’d like to see interviewed, have your people call my people.

Interview with Each Uisage

Interview with Nobusuma

Interview with the Bishop-Fish

Interview with the Lake Norman Monster

Interview with a Drop Bear

Interview with Chupacabra

Interview with Goatman

Interview with Batsquatch

Interview with the Coyote that took Jessica Simpson’s dog

Interview with Kongamato

Interview with The Mongolian Death Worm

8 Comments on “The Interviews”

  1. Mary G says:

    Have you ever done stand-up comedy or written for a comedy show? You are too funny! I’ve read alot of blogs but your’s so great!

  2. dufmanno says:

    You know what? I tried for MONTHS to get in touch with the coyote who took Jessica Simpsons dog but he didn’t return one of my phone calls. Not one!

  3. dufmanno says:

    Also? I’d like to see a gut wrenching interview with the Mothman. I’ve been trying to crack that mystery for ten years.

  4. […] of Gene Weingarten articles, or like eating a bag of Lay’s potato chips.  When I stumbled on his interview with the legendary Goat Man, I learned that we’d attended the same university at about the same time. It was like being […]

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