The Jolie Pez Project

Hi everyone, welcome to the Jolie Pez Project Page here on Blurt. The Jolie Pez Project is an important project for all of humanity.

The Jolie travels the world by mail, visiting the nice people who have asked to host her. She stays about a week or so at each location and allow her hosts and hostesses to photograph her adventures where they live or travel.

After mailing The Jolie on to her next destination, those she visits send their favorite pictures of The Jolie’s adventures during her visit and write a little about what went on for publishing here on Blurt.

Some might ask what is in it for them. That sort of person is not for the Jolie. I completely understand it though, so I will mail a Pez to all who endure a visit from The Jolie. Ok, I am behind on my Pez mailing, but I have located my Pez source and will be correcting that!

The original Jolie Pez project post is a good place to get the details of how this all works and to get on the list to have her visit you!

All the posts are listed here with links to each of the Jolie’s adventures and the website of the person who she visited. You can also track her travels on the Travels Of The Jolie Map.

Charlotte, NC

Southern Connecticut

Briarwood, NY and Shea Stadium (Least Likely To Blog)

An Announcement

Nashville, TN (Todd Pack’s Messy Desk)

San Jose, CA

Chapel Hill, NC

Annapolis and College Park, MD/Washington, DC (Hippie Cahier)

Baltimore, MD

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada

Newfoundland, Canada

Las Vegas, NV

U.S. Virgin Islands

Hoboken, NJ and New York, NY

Boise, ID

Chicago, IL

40 Comments on “The Jolie Pez Project”

  1. […] a feeling these fellow bloggers will like it: Kitchen Witch: Her kid bit Santa. Blurt: He sends action figures on trips and spreads evil rumors about John Denver. Hippie Catcher and Wendy-Herding cats in Hammond river, […]

  2. […] and neither will your neighborhood homeowner’s association. While you’re there, check out his Jolie Pez Project. Angelina/Lara Croft is one busy woman traveling throughout the country on your ticket. And then […]

  3. dottiemaggie says:

    Bahahaha. Awesome. Have I mentioned how much I love the jolie pez project?
    makes me laugh 🙂
    can’t wait to let her play doctor in newfoundland some day… 😉

  4. […] most of us never take the time to think about!  When I found out about his hare-brained brilliant plan to send an action figure of Angelina Jolie to bloggers around the world, I signed up right away to […]

  5. Winn says:

    I love this! How do I get in on it? 😀

    • omawarisan says:

      I’ll add you to the list and email you when shes getting close to coming your way. Stick around send me an email to remind me now and again too please…there are a bunch of people waiting! Where are you?

  6. […] The Jolie‘s visit to Saint John, New Brunswick.  I would like to thank my friend, Omawarisan, for his crazy idea ingenius plan that seems to have brought so much joy to my readers…this […]

  7. […] interesting debacles.  There is a rather lovely and concise description of the Jolie Pez Project here – you can follow her journey on a map, as well as read the entries that her hosts and hostesses […]

  8. This sounds like a hoot! Why is it reminding me of something in the movie “Amelie”?

  9. […] It ended up being a really enjoyable night full of surprises and firsts. It’s moments like that you can’t make up and end up talking about for the rest of your life. Not to mention the fact that I got to spend the night with Angelina Jolie. […]

  10. […] blog for some further adventures.  They are coming soon!  As always, check out the originator of The Jolie Pez Project for more […]

  11. […] – We’ve all watched as the Jolie’s path of mayhem blazed a trail across America and straight into the Canadian north. After having a rambunctious outing in New Brunswick, the Tomb […]

  12. […] He’s smart, funny and poignant, when the need arises. Plus, he’s the mastermind behind the Jolie Pez Project, which involves sending an Angelina Jolie action figure around the world. Here’s the link to […]

  13. […] even more details about the whole shebang – including some of the participants – right here.  It was a disastrous an interesting experience, to say the least.  The Jolie can certainly be a […]

  14. Are you happy to send her to India? The real one’s been but with Brad not alone.

    • Punctuated this time: The real one’s been but with Brad, not alone.

      • omawarisan says:

        I would love to have her visit India. I am planning to have her spend a little more time here in the states visiting people who’ve been waiting a while, then have her go around the world. I’ve got her going to London, Japan, possibly New Zealand and now India (probably not in that order).

        Please make sure to remind me when the world tour announcement happens!

  15. Okay I’ll watch out for it. I’m already soo excited!

  16. […] back with Oma at Blurt in the next week for my tales of misadventure with the Plastic […]

  17. […] any to reveal to you that Todd and I are not alone in our fondness for this particular gov doc.  Last fall when The Jolie visited this area, she insisted on a visit to the library.  That’s right, she’s a gov doc fan, […]

  18. […] to local gossip, when The Jolie was in town last fall, she was spotted near the Christmas […]

  19. MG says:

    Would LOVE to host(ess) The Jolie here in Houston Texas. I live near the Space Center, so her presence would be a balm to the sadness blanketing the area as folks trudge away from Nerd Heaven in search of other more mundane (yes, I did that, sorry) and likely better paid jobs in the hell of ordinary careers for mere money. (See how I got heaven, hell and earth all in one!? I’m so proud of my geeky self!)

    I could also take her to the most awesome waterfall ever…. It is part of a skyscraper’s A/C system and totally trance-inducing, literally. A huge, curving wall of raging water, ending in a staircase tumble at the bottom.

    Which reminds me of the Houston Ship Channel: the third (I think – it used to be) largest shipping port in the US — and sixty miles inland! Just to show what is possible with ambition and loads of oil and chem money.

    And there is Galveston, which needs her cheery uplifting presence to overcome lingering results of flood and hurricane…

    We need The Jolie!

  20. […] Photographs of the Jolie Chicago visit will be sent to Blurt (the name of Oma’s blog) to be posted;  in return I will be part of the  Jolie Pez Project an important project for all of humanity. Really. Oma said so…. To find out more, the easiest thing to do is just click here: The Jolie Pez Project. […]

  21. […] even found a travel partner for Blurt’s The Jolie…he looks man enough for her. I'd look at you but then I'd have to kill you. I love […]

  22. […] next few months. If you don’t know about The Jolie, head on over to Blurt and check out his The Jolie Pez Project page. That girl has seen and done things to make your toes curl. I can’t wait to hang out […]

  23. […] More specifically, his hobby is sending me on this crazy world tour he calls  The Jolie Pez Project. […]

  24. theresa says:

    Does The Jolie have any experience maintaining boilers? I have a boiler that’s about the right size and she’s welcome to work on it, trained or not. I’m in Portland, Oregon. Please let me know if her travels bring her my way.

  25. […] got amazing deductive skillz and she’s a MAJOR hipster. (She’s also had a visit from The Jolie from Oma-land, and I’m so jealous I could spit…which I would but I’d be afraid […]

  26. […] DC, check here:  The Jolie and The Hipster.  Or for more on The Jolie Pez Project:  Blurt. The Jolie poses with a major award (not an Oscar). Rate this: Share this:Like this:LikeBe the […]

  27. […] More specifically, his hobby is sending me on this crazy world tour he calls  The Jolie Pez Project. […]

  28. […] over to his blog earlier, do it now. And while you’re there, take the time to read about his Jolie Pez Project. You’ll see why I know he’s Victoria’s Secret secret weapon. That girl fills out […]

  29. […] actually was Freshly Pressed, which makes me seethe with jealousy), and Omawarisan (who created the Jolie Pez project– she can come here anytime.  I won’t feed her to the beasties).  I have a lot […]

  30. I see my previous post never made it, soooooo … if the project is still ongoing – she is welcome in San Diego and can even be seen around town with the Pez’ (plural?) I bought for my nephews over the years.

  31. […] started a fun project, sending an Angelina Jolie action figure to visit his blog followers around the world. At that time, his gravatar was a headshot of the […]

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