Probably The Last Thing I’ll Say About It

I don’t do many current events related posts, but I’ve found myself writing more than I expected about the plane that’s missing over in the Pacific. I suppose that writing about how offensive I find the television media coverage probably glorifies it in the end, but writing is all I’ve got to swing at it with.

So I wrote about it twice. On the second post, Katie made a comment referring to the children’s book “Goodnight Moon”. Many of you know Katie from her site Sass and Balderdash; she’s also recently joined us at a humor site I’ve been a part of for a while, Long Awkward Pause.

Katie tossed out her children’s book reference with no way of knowing that it was a favorite of my son’s, way back when. I threw together a few lines, then shot her an email and we collaborated on a re-write of Goodnight Moon that hits at the media circus that surrounding the lost flight. Click here to give it a look on Long Awkward Pause.

Probably the last thing I’ll say about it until I go to the gym, watch the news and get pissed off again.


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