Haiku For Haiku

This is my rough draft (image public domain)

I looked at a map of Hawaii last night.

I used to do things like that because I am a geography nerd. But that particular map usually got my attention because I liked dreaming of going there some day.

Some day will be this winter; the dream will be real.

While skimming the map, I learned that there is a part of Maui called Haiku. It just seemed right that someone should write a haiku for Haiku. I wondered if there was anyone more qualified to write Haiku’s haiku than a non-poet who has never been to Hawaii, then decided there wasn’t.

Five minutes after I had the idea, my haiku was complete. I’m proud to present it here for your enjoyment.

Haiku Haiku

Poem and town

Both are called haiku

I unite them

See, I didn’t make this up. (image public domain)

Good, huh? I’ll bet that you can almost feel the ocean breezes and see the pineapple plantations. I don’t know if there are pineapple plantations in Haiku. It doesn’t matter. I’m a poet; I have artistic license. I created a haiku to celebrate my artistic license.

Artistic License Haiku

It doesn’t matter

Truth is not a problem

Artistic license

After my visit, I will become Hawaii’s Poet Laureate. Don’t mock me. My Mom said I could grow up to be anything. It’s OK that I decided to grow up first, and then be anything.

I’ll bet that Poet Laureate gig comes with a sweet state expense account.

Expense Account Haiku

Mai-Tais on bar tab

Charge ’em to Hawaii

Poet drinks free

10 Comments on “Haiku For Haiku”

  1. LRose says:

    At some ungodly early hour of the morning have you ever wanted to laugh, because you just read something really funny, but your body shuts that shit down as fast as it can and so all that comes out is a sort of…belch? (We’re still trying to sleep, here!!)

  2. I almost choked on my salad at the Artistic License Haiku!

  3. Blogdramedy says:

    Can’t wait to see you in your Maui Jim sunglasses. I’m sure you’ll look fabulous.

    Not jealous here. Nope.

    • omawarisan says:

      You know, I don’t think I’ve had a non sunglassed icon photo since I abandoned the cartoon robot one.

      I’m staying with the Wayfarers. Elvis Costello and I know a good thing when we see it.

  4. You are going to have just as much fun in Hawaii as you did being a Poet Laureate. Ok, maybe a little more fun. It’s a wonderful place.

  5. […] But learning that the town exists inspired me to write a haiku for Haiku. That little writing exercise got me to thinking about becoming the poet laureate of Hawaii, so I knocked out two more haiku to expand my body of work (you can read all three haiku here). […]

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