Wonder Woman’s Invisible Airplane – Ingeniously Ridiculous or Ridiculously Ingenious?

Stealth aircraft have been an important part of our military for years. Their invisibility to radar helps keep air crews safe;  that is very cool.

You’d have to say something if you saw this. (image via brick of the

I’m not sure how good being invisible to radar is for those of us flying commercial. Seeing and being seen is important for thousands of us every day as we fly on business or for vacations. Because people smarter than I am are on that issue, we don’t have a lot of problems with military stealth planes and other planes running afoul of one another.

But what about the first stealth plane? Remember the forerunner of today’s radar resistant bomber, Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane? I’m very concerned about that particular plane. It doesn’t seem that people smarter than me were involved in the idea.

Let’s discuss.

Did You See That?

Let’s get the most obvious issue with this aircraft out of the way first. While the plane isn’t visible, the person flying it is. What the person on the ground sees is a woman in a seated position flying through the air while wearing a bathing suit.

If her goal is discreet transportation, Wonder Woman has not met her own standard.

It isn’t unusual for me to look up and see an airplane. A woman zipping through the air, sitting on what looks like nothing, would be an attention getter. I’d certainly point that out to whoever was close to me. I’d have to, if only to confirm that I wasn’t losing my mind. This proves that being invisible does not always equal being discreet.

English: Photograph of the first successful fl...

Orville! What does the gauge say? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Invisible Check Engine Light

One thing all planes have in common are gauges. The first innovation the Wright Brothers made to their flyer was to add a gauge. It didn’t tell them anything, Wilbur just thought it looked cool.

As history marched on, aviation became more complex. The single gauge the Wrights strapped on to their plane was quickly multiplied by five. The trend continues even today. Airliner cockpits seem to be more of a place to keep all the gauges and less about the people who are flying the plane.

Wonder Woman’s plane has to have gauges or it wouldn’t fly. It wouldn’t even really be an airplane. But her gauges are invisible, so she can’t read them. When she takes off, she has no idea if the check engine light is on. How fast is she going? She doesn’t know. Is she close to her destination? Her navigational instruments might be working, but she can’t tell.

Good, But There Is An Easier Way

English: Lady Lake, Fla., February 6, 2007 -- ...

Whatever is under this tarp is invisible. (photo credit Mark Wolfe/FEMA Wikipedia)

The one place where the invisible plane might be an advantage is on the ground. Perhaps you’ve experienced stopping in to see someone but recognizing that the car parked in front of their house belongs to someone you don’t like. When that happens to me, I usually decide to come back another time.

That doesn’t happen to Wonder Woman. Once she’s landed, bad guys don’t tell each other “be cool, I just saw Wonder Woman’s plane parked at the airport.” Nope, they’re clueless that she’s in town. That allows her to take care of business.

On the other hand, she could accomplish the same thing by tipping the guy at the place where she parks her plane to throw a tarp over her aircraft. That’s got to be cheaper than invisibility.

Today, I’d like your help in putting this issue behind me. Is Wonder Woman’s invisible airplane…

…ingeniously ridiculous (so innovative that it makes no sense)?


…ridiculously ingenious ((so innovative that it is beyond comprehension)


13 Comments on “Wonder Woman’s Invisible Airplane – Ingeniously Ridiculous or Ridiculously Ingenious?”

  1. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    I sure don’t want to see what goes on in those airplane bathrooms. Please. Let’s kill this idea right away.

  2. 1jaded1 says:

    I never understood why we could see her flying through the air, but not her plane.

  3. List of X says:

    Yes, and I imagine that it would only be a matter of time before she came back to her airplane, only to realize that she forgot where exactly she left it.

  4. Blogdramedy says:

    There’s a reason why she’s called “Wonder” Woman. You see her and you wonder.

  5. knace says:

    I have always asked these same questions to anyone unfortunate enough to be watching W.W. with me. I end up pointing at the tv and demanding to know “how the invisible plane even makes any sense???!!!” to which I usually get irritated mumbles and shrugs and my husband always has to mention the hotness of Lynda Carter back in the day. “Which is totally beside the POINT.” I then respond.
    Even though these questions remain unanswered I am glad to know I am not the only one out there asking them.

  6. Todd says:

    I saw a Disney movie years ago where the bad guys (I want to say one if them was Caesar Romero) were trying to drive an invisible car through the streets of LA. People kept pulling out in front of them and merging into their lane, and after a block or two, the crashed through a fence and landed in a pool. I’ve always thought WW’s invisible plane would be like that, only with much dire consequences.

  7. Here in NYC there are posters throughout the subway telling you that “if you see something, say something.” If I saw Wonder Woman flying through the air in an invisible plane, I’d have to say something.

  8. […] Original Version: Wonder Woman’s Invisible Airplane – Ingeniously Ridiculous or Ridiculously Ingenious? […]

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