Mentos Lessons: How To Escape A Perv

In my Mentos Lessons series, I’ve tried to show that the power, spunk and minty freshness one gets from popping a Mentos candy can be used for good or evil. In today’s lesson, The Freshmaker helps good triumph over evil creepiness.

Like an earlier edition, today’s commercial  cinematic event features a woman handling a wardrobe malfunction. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “Broken Shoe”.

Roll The Film Please, Larry

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Why I No Longer Believe In Evolution

Yeah, whatever. (CC by SA 3.0 José-manuel Benitos)

In the past, I’ve taken issue with people who ignore the truths that science proves for us. I’ve thought them naïve at best. At worst, I’ve felt some of them could be accused of putting their own interests above the greater good and ignoring the consequences of their actions upon future generations.

Today, I am renouncing my previous position. I think if people want to put their head in the sand about a scientific fact, we should allow them to bury their heads as deep as they’d like. Don’t want to believe in global warming? Go on and do that; see if I care. I think you’ll find I don’t.

What would make me change my mind like that? Well, because today I saw something that I don’t want to believe. If the video I saw today is true, and if I believe in evolution, the future is too scary to contemplate. As a result, I am no longer believing in science and evolution.

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Getting Sweden’s Goat, Again

The Gävle Goat

The Gävle Goat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last year, I learned that the town of Gävle in Sweden has a tradition of building a Christmas goat out of straw. I learned that at the same time that I learned that the goat burned down last year.

Inspired by the sight of last year’s Christmas Goat in flames, I wrote a post proclaiming that when writing this blog made me rich I would commission straw goats all across North America. My goats would be constructed and burned for charity. These charity goat events would be called Get My Goat. I stand by that proclamation, though the blog has not made me rich yet. Read the rest of this entry »

Mentos Lessons: The Dress

Gather ’round kids. The school of life is open and our teacher is, once again, Mentos.

We all try to get along with others, don’t we? I’ll admit that I have not been as successful with that as I’d like. Like many of you, I have people who I don’t mix well with. Maybe some of the folks you don’t get along with have become rivals.

An encounter between rivals is the basis for the short film that is up for discussion today.

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Sunday Film Series: Sunset In Key West

There are many places with great sunsets, but I think Key West is near the top of the list. Here’s a time-lapse of the sunset from Mallory Square.

I obviously need to buy a tripod for my phone, but the result without it isn’t unwatchable.


The Sunday Film Series: At The Airport



The Sunday Film Series is back. It apologizes for its absence, but asks your indulgence because the time away was unavoidable.

In this edition, you’ll note that I have a new tool to use in creating the films for the series – time-lapse. Lapses are pretty much the story of my life. It just seemed a natural fit to build that into the films. Despite the new technique, be assured that I’ll still shoot all my films using only my phone.

A recent trip to see some great friends gave me a chance to focus my directorial talents on US Airways. I tried to direct the action in this film, but the actors seemed to follow a script written by someone else. Perhaps that is for the best. Read the rest of this entry »

Sunday Film Series – Grass That Cuts Itself

A few weeks ago, I posted a video of my concept of the ultimate lawn mower. It was not only self-propelled, but it was also self-motivated. Unfortunately, manufacturers haven’t beaten a path to my door. I’d say that was their loss, but really, it is my loss too. I was the one mowing again yesterday afternoon. Read the rest of this entry »

Sunday Film Series: The Intersection

Filmed near my office, today’s film involves a cast of thousands. The entire cast is made up of extras. Take that, actors!

The intersection portrays, well, a busy intersection.

After I shot this film, I went back to my office. Someone said they saw me standing on the hill looking like I was shooting a video. I told him that I was shooting an artistic depiction of the area we worked in. He laughed, and said “where do you come up with this stuff?” Sometimes the truth is enough, isn’t it? Read the rest of this entry »